Technology in PE Class? Are you nuts?

When a story popped up on my eSchool feed about flipping a PE classroom,  I was quick on the click.  I’ve seen some incredible things lately with regard to technology and education, but this was a new one.  How could anyone use technology in a gym class?  Is the technology revolution in education being taken a little bit too far by some “techno-nutty” PE teacher?

It is amazing how tech savvy teachers of all stripes are figuring out the most effective ways to maximize class time and engage students. It turns out that the PE teacher featured in the eSchool story exemplifies that. What does not make sense about having students sit and watch lectures and information at home so that PE class can be more about putting the lesson into action? It’s actually amazing that this practice is not already more widespread at this point in the technology revolution. It seems like something millions of PE teachers would grasp onto in droves with utter joy !

Jason Hahnstadt, the author of the article, calls PE class “the last educational frontier being reshaped by technology.”  Since PE teachers are all about getting up off the rear end, my guess is that this frontier will very quickly be populated once the word gets out. Go flipped, young PE teacher, and reap the rewards!

Flipping For Fitness

Pickleball Instructional Video by Jason Hahnstadt


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I have a Bachelor's in Education and a Master's in Library and Information Science from Dominican University in River Forest, Illinois. I spent two years as a librarian at Weber High School in Chicago and 12 years as a media specialist in Woodstock, IL. Presently I work in Pottstown, PA as an Technology Integration Specialist for a private high school.
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